Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 - Max Wild

A sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 of Max Wild from Berkheim (DE), that I could photograph on their open day in October 2015.

It is the latest version of the Actros, that is now completly built by Mercedes-Benz in Molsheim (FR). The truck has a 15.6 liter 6 cylinder (inline) Euro 6 engine with 625 hp.

The flaps behind the cab are now standard and cover the tower behind the cab. This is the shortest wheelbase that is possible.

Between the first and second axle are the adblue tank and a storage box built. On the other side is the mufler built.

Behind the cab is a big fuel tank (900 liters), some airbarrels and a baterie built. An additional bigger cooler isn't used, now space is left for a big storage box. The big cooler is necessary when the big turbo coupling for loads up to 250 tonnes is build in. This truck is usable for loads up to 150 tonnes.

Attached to the truck is a 6 axle Goldhofer lowloader, here as 2-bed-4 combination.

The gooseneck and interdolly in detail.

This truck belongs in fact to a Mercedes-Benz garage from a different region, that is why the number plate is different (it should start with BC). It is a test truck here. Meanwhile is Max Wild owning two other 4 axle trucks, a 150 tonner and a 250 tonner (so with coolers).

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