Mercedes-Benz Actros 4153 - Paule

The second escort truck for the Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 of Paule is this Mercedes-Benz Actros 4153 with 5 axle semi low loader. The first escort truck is the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4155.

It is an Actros from the first series (MP 1) that was introduced in 1996. The truck is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA, a 15.9 liter V8 engine that supplies here 530 hp.

On this side are between the first two axles the air filter and a storage compartment made. At the rear of the chassis is a heavy coupling made, making it possible to use the truck as a ballasted truck with modular platform trailers.

Behind the cabin is en equipment tower built with a large diesel tank, storage compartments, airbarrels and the battery. As there is no torque converter built in an additional cooler is not required. The tower is nicely covered with flaps.

On this side is the muffler made. A reinforced bumper with coupling makes it possible to push and brake transports with this truck.

The truck is here attached with a 5 axle Goldhofer semi low loader. The load exists out of four counterweight slabs of the LTM 1400-7.1 with a mass of 10 tonnes each.

A sharp truck.

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