Mercedes-Benz Actros 3354 - GAM Aldaiturriaga

This tough Mercedes-Benz Actros 3354 of GAM Aldaiturriaga was parked on their yard in the Spanish city Pamplona. Some years ago I could photograph here also a Grove GMK5100.

Notable is the 6x6 drive line, all axles are driven. Not a needless luxery in the Spanish mountains. The truck has 537 hp and a grossweight of 33 tonnes.

The truck has a 10.7 tonne mass. The wheelbase between the front axle and the first drive axle is 3,600 mm.

The truck has a 7.35 meter length, 3.75 meter height and a 2.5 meter width.

The load on the 6 axle Nooteboom semi-lowloader is a crawler track of a Terex CC 2800-1 crawler crane, weights 44.9 tonnes and has a 11.67 meter length. The body of the Terex is standing behind the truck.

Some days later I found the combination parked, outside the city.

The semi-lowloader has a width of 2.75 meters and a bed with 11.4 meter length, extendable up to 28.1 meters.

The max. load capacity of the lowloader is about 72 tonnes.

Parked in front of the yard of a wind mill manufacturer.

A tough truck, that probably often is used in the mountains.

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