Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 - Bolk

Company Bolk from Almelo (NL) is using this sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros to transport windmill parts between the harbour and construction site.

It is a 4 axle tracktor with 600 hp that is built by Titan from Backnang (DE).

This truck has a max. weight of 41 tonnes, 26 tonnes on the driven axles and 15 tonnes for the two front axles.

The truck has a 16 litre V8 engine.

Behind the cab is the heavy haulage tower made with cooling for the ZF WSK 400 torque converter, air barrels, battery and fuel tank.

The tower is cleared away with some nice flaps on the sides. In front of the tower are two storage boxes made.

The trailer is a 5 axle Nooteboom semi lowloader. The load weights about 50 tonnes.

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