Liebherr 42 KR.1 - Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG

A Liebherr 42 KR.1 of Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG from Reiden (CH) on a construction site near Winterthur (CH), on this construction site the large 120 KR.1 was also working.

The Liebherr 42 KR.1 is a 42 mt bottom slewing crane on a crawler chassis so it can move itself over the construction site. During transport over the road the undercarriage and crane remains connected, only the counterweights are transported separatly.

The undercarriage is around 6.3 meters long and with generator around 3 meters wide. The tracks are rigid.

The outrigger base measures 5.0 x 6.3 meters, or half 5.0 x 4.5 meters.

The crane has 20.82 tonnes of concrete counterweight with a 2.5 meter tailswing.

Attached to the crawler undercarriage is the 72 kVA MOSA generator. The generator can power the crane directly, it can move and work independed on the construction site. In this case the crane was powered by electricity from the construction site.

The crane is erected here in the standard configuration; 20 meters of hook height and a 36 meter jib length. Optionally three tower sections can be climbed in to achieve a 26 meter hook height. The jib length is maximum here, and can be reduced up to 25.5 meters.

The maximum load of 4 tonnes can be lifted only in 4 fall configuration up to a 12.8 meter radius, in 2 fall the crane lifts 2 tonnes up to a 22.6 meter radius. At the jib tip the crane maximum lifts 1.1 tonnes.

The 42 KR.1 is a very succesful crane in the Liebherr KR series, more than 70 units are working wordwide now.

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