Liebherr 120 KR.1 - Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG

This Liebherr 120 KR.1 is rented out to construction sites by Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG from Reiden (CH). This is is worldwide the only unit ever produced of the 120 KR.1.

It is a 112 mt self-erecting crane on a crawler undercarriage in order to move the crane on the construction site. This crawler undercarriage is also usable with other cranes, like the 71 KR. Also topslewing tower cranes (up to 160 mt) can be installed on this crawler undercarriage.

In front of the undercarriage is a 120 kVA generator installed to power the crane, the crane can move indipendent over the construction site. When required it is also possible to power the crane with electricity from the construction site.

The outrigger base of the undercarriage is 7 x 7 meters. In operation the outriggers must stabilize the crane, the crawler undercarriage is only to relocate the crane from A to B. Driving with load is not allowed.

The undercarriage is in total 10.8 meters long and 4.3 meters wide. The tracks are each 5.1 meters long and hydraulically adjustable in breadth. During transport over the road and the upper- and lower works seperated from each other. The undercarriage weights 31.5 tonnes (incl. generator) and is 3 meters wide.

The counterweight exists out of 14 concrete slabs, has a 44 tonne total weight and a 4 meter tailswing.

In maximum erected configuration the crane can move with 7.0 % inclination for- and backwards and 3.5 % sideways. With smaller tower heights are larger inclinations allowed. The maximum driving speed is 10.7 m/min.

For the transport over the road the upper- and lower works are diveded and transported separetly. The upperworks weights 28 tonnes and must be installed on the undercarriage using another crane. The upperworks has a transport length of 15.6 meters.

The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 8 tonnes on 4 fall operation and 4 tonnes in 2 fall operation. Re-reving is done in some seconds only.

The crane was used here with the shortest standard jib length of 35 meters. The crane can lift then 8 tonnes to a 14 meter radius and 3.2 tonnes up to a 35 meter radius. The jib length can be increased to 50 meters in 5 meter steps, the crane can lift 1.25 tonnes at the jib tip then.

The crane was used here with a 31.5 meter hook height, when two additional tower sections are climbed in the crane can be operated with a 36.3 meter hook height. By Liebherr KR means "Klettern" (because additional tower sections can be climbed in) and "Raupenkran" (because the crane has a crawler undercarriage). A very unique and special crane!

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