Liebherr MK 45 - Eggert

A Liebherr MK 45 of Eggert from Oberstadion (DE) is mainly used for the erection of steel constructions. It is a 45 mt mobile tower crane on a 4-axle DAF 8x4-chassis. The crane's year of manufacture is 2001.

The choice for the chassis was a decision of the used, Eggert choose for a DAF. This DAF 85 340 ATi has a 8x4-drive line. The crane has a total mass of approx. 33.2 tonnes.

Between the axles are the diesel tank, a compressed-air tank and a power connection. The crane can work independent with its own internal generator or with power (400 V) from the construction site. Packed has the crane a 14 meter length and a 4 meter height.

At the rear of the chassis are large boxes for spreader woods and lifting gear attached.

The outrigger base measures 5.8 x 5.6 meters. During transport over the road are the outriggers pointed up vertically.

This crane isn't equipped with a cabin for the crane operator, this crane can be operated only by remote control. For the crane operator is a stand next to the tower prepared.

The tower isn't extendable but folds during transport over the road double. The MK 40 (later upgraded to MK 45) was a fully new development, but was strongly to the design of the SE 20 bottom-slewing crane orientated.

The crane has a 16 meter hook height and a maximum jib length of 27 meter, the max. capacity there is 1,500 kg. The maximum load is 6,000 kg and is lifted on a maximum radius of 9.8 meters. The jib can be luffed up to a 42 degree angle, the crane can lift then maximum 1,000 kg on a 20.7 meter radius and a 32.2 meter height.

After the MK 40 and 45 the MK 80 was developed, the start of a very succesful crane family from Biberach an der Riss. The largest crane up to now is the Liebherr MK 140.

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