Liebherr MK 140 - Schmidbauer

This sharp Liebherr MK 140 of Schidbauer from Munich (DE) was used by cleaning works after a large fire in Aichstetten (DE). It is a 58.5 m tower crane on a 5-axle undercarriage.

The undercarriage is powered by a Liebherr D946 A7 with 544 hp. The engine powers three of the five axles, all axles are steerable. The undercarriage is produced by Liebherr in Ehingen (DE), the superstructure in the tower crane plant of Liebherr in Biberach an der Riss (DE). In the last factory are undercarriage and superstructure married.

Packed is the crane 15.97 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meter high. The transport mass is maximum 60 tonnes.

The outrigger base measuers 8.25 x 8.20 meters, or half 8.25 x 5.95 meters.

At the rear of the chassis is a large storage compartment for wood and rigging attached.

The cab can be moved using cables over the full tower height for an optimized view on the work.

The crane was fitted here with 9 tonnes of extra counterweight, the counterweight has a 4.25 meter tailswing. The counterweight should be transported by truck to reduce the axle loads up to 12 tonnes.

The trolley jib has a maximum radius of 58.5 meters and lifts then with 9 tonnes of counterweight still 1,900 kg. The maximum load is 8,000 kg and is lifted up to a 14,4 meter radius.

The 3-part tower telescops twice and takes care of a minimum hook height of 20.8 meters and a maximum hook height of 39.9 meters by horizontal jib. The jib has a 30.3 meter horizontal hook height of 30.3 meters.

The trolley jib can be luffed under 45 degrees to a maximum hook height of 75.5 meters and still lift then 1,700 kg. Also has the MK 140 the possibility to work with a 65 meter jib in single fall. The radius is then adjusted by luffing in stead of trollying. The maximum hook height in luffing mode is then 94.4 meters by a 22.7 meter radius. The maximum capacity is then 1,000 kg.

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