Terex AC 1000

In September of 2012 I could photograph this Terex AC 1000 belong the German Autobahn. It is a 1000 tonne telescopic crane.

This machine was first shown to the public at the Bauma 2010. After a long silent period has started in the summer of 2012 the first 'field tests' and the distributions. This crane has build number 5 and was on the move to get shipped to Shanghai (CN).

The crane still has the old cab shape.

The crane has a Mercedes engine with 653 hps. 4 of the 9 axles are driven. The main boom isn't overpassing the cab.

In transport mode is the crane 20.4 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters height. The mass is limited up to 108 tonnes by removing the outriggers.

The superstructure is remarkable compact, there is no engine in it. The lower engine is used therefor. In the superstructure is a smaller (assembly) winch made that it used to hoist it's own outriggers and his counterweight frame with 3 heavy winches.

Below the slewing ring is only 1 axle.

The outrigger dimensions are 13.5 x 13.5 meters. During the self-assembly is it required to use smaller self-assembly outriggers.

The luffing cylinders are mounted belong the boom.

The crane is taking with itself 50 meters of base boom. With this boom can be (heavy) lifted. When the package of sheaves in the neck are removed are another 4 telescopic sections added to the boom, then the boom is 100 meters long.

The counterweight frame with 3 winches and ballast boxes weights 48 tonnes. This can be extended up to 228 tonnes.

A wonderfull crane to see!

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