XCMG Hanvan G7 430 - Yinson

This interesting XCMG Hanvan G7 430 of Yinson from Johor Bahru (MY) stood parked with low loader and cargo parked in an industrial zone in Singapore (SG). The transport would later that evening go back to Malaysia.

The truck is this XCMG Hanvan G7 with 6x4-drive line. Both rear axles are powered by a WP 12.430, a 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine with 430 hp. Only the front axle is steerable.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, compressed-air tanks and the battery installed.

Attached is a 4-axle Firama low loader. The trailer has in Malayia a maximum total mass of 60 tonnes, the self weight is about 15 tonnes. The trailer doesn't have any steerable axles, the last axle is liftable.

The cargo is a cable reel with a mass of 36.4 tonnes.

A sharp and interesting combination of Yinson!

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