Volvo FH16 750 - Wocken

The Wocken company from Haren/Ems (DE) was using this sharp combination for the transport of a nacelle to Southern Germany. The combination stood parked here along the Autobahn 7.

The truck is powered by a Volvo D16K diesel engine with 750 hp and a torque of 3,550 Nm.

Behind the front axle is the large Euro 6 muffler installed.

The transformation from 3 to 4 axle truck is done by Popp Fahrzeugbau from Nürnberg (DE). This company also makes the sharp equipment tower behind the cabin with the dieseltank, storage compartments and compressed-air tanks.

Attached is a Goldhofer low loader in 4-bed-6 configuration that is configured out of modular parts.

The load is a GE nacelle for a 2.75 MW wind turbine with a mass of 83.5 tonnes.

The load is 9.7 meters long, 4.2 meters wide and 3.9 meters high.

A sharp combination!

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