Volvo FH 400 - Westdijk

This nice Volvo FH 400 of Westdijk from Alphen a/d Rijn (NL) stood parked in the german village Zell (DE) and would the next day be loaded.

It is a 6x2 truck with 400 hp (295 kW) that is powered by a D13A diesel engine with a 12.8 liter stroke. On this side are the muffler and a dieseltank made beteen the first two axles.

The truck's year of manufacture is 2007.

The truck has an ownmass of about 8.8 tonnes and is admitted for a total weight of 27 tonnes. On this side is a large dieseltank between the axles built.

Between the driven axle and the pusher axle is a small storage compartment made.

Behind the cab is a large 3 part storage compartment made, in the middle is the spare wheel stored.

Pulled is a 5 axle Broshuis semi lowloader with a loading capacity of 51.5 tonnes.

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