Volvo FM 460 - Weiss Mietpark

Weiss Mietpark from Mindelheim (DE) has a very large rental fleet with tower cranes and owns some trucks to transport the cranes and it's components. For the transport of bottom slewing tower cranes is this sharp Volvo FM 460 in use.

By Volvo means FM "Forward control Medium height cabine". The FH and FM are using the same cabins but the cabin is mounted lower for the FM series to acchieve a lower entrance. This truck is powered by a 460 hp strong Volvo D13c engine with a 12.8 liter stroke.

Behind the front axle are on this side the muffler, the battery, four air barrels and the hydraulics for the lorry crane installed.

Between and behind the driven axles are some smaller storage compartments made. In the box are laying some counterweight slabs of the tower crane.

Behind the cabin is a Palfinger PK 29002 lorry crane installed, this crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 8.5 tonnes and can lift with fully extended jib (21.2 meters) still 710 kgs. The lorry crane is mostly used to lift the counterweight slabs of bottom slewing tower cranes.

Attached is a Liebherr 63 K tower cranes with YOM 1992.

The crane is 16 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 4 meters high. The transport weight is around 18.2 tonnes.

Weiss is using here Gleich transport axles.

A sharp combination!

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