Volvo FH16 660 - Vink

Vink from Barneveld (NL) was using this sharp 5-axle Volvo FH16 660 with low loaders. The combination stood here with a cargo along the A1 near Apeldoorn (NL) for a short brake.

It is a 5-axle truck with 10x4-drive line that is powered by a Volvo D16C, a 16.1-liter diesel engine with a power of 485 kW (660 hp). On this truck are both rear axles driven, the third axle is liftable.

Behind the front axle is the muffler installed. The year of manufacture of the truck is 2008.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower with the diesel tank and multiple storage compartments installed.

On the driver's side are behind the front axle the exhaust and the AdBlue tank installed.

Attached is this Nooteboom Euro-100-05(P), a 5-axle low loader with pendel axles. A 3-axle inter dolly is also available for this combination so cargos up to 75 tonnes can be transported.

The cargo is a Volvo L150C wheel loader with a mass of approx. 24 tonnes.

A very sharp combination of Vink! In the meantime was this truck replaced by a new 5-axle Volvo with 750 hp.

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