Volvo FM 500 - Van 't Hek

Van 't Hek from Beemster (NL) is using for the transport of piling rigs and material mainly own trucks. This sharp Volvo FM 500 stood with a 4 axle low loader parked on their yard.

The truck is a Volvo FM 500 with 8x4 drive line from year of manufacture 2010. The D13c 6 cylinder diesel engine with a 12.8 liter stroke supplies 500 hp, that is the strongest engine possible in a Volvo FM.

Special is that this truck is equipped with a heavy trailer coupling, also twist locks on the chassis are vissible. This truck is also used sometimes with a counterweight box and a 12 axle low loader trailer (Nooteboom ADBAN-96).

The cabin in lowered so that booms of crawler cranes or a leader of a piling rig can be loaded over the cabin. For that a heavy protection frame is made behind the cabin. Also the large diesel tank is behind the cabin, below some pressured-air tanks.

Attached is here a 4 axle Nooteboom ODBAZ-57 low loader with year of manufacture 1987.

ODBAZ means Oplegger Dieplader Bestuurbaar Afneembare Zwanenhals (trailer low loader steerable detachable gooseneck). The loading capacity is 42 tonnes.

The flash lights are made in height of the grille so they can not colide with overpassing loadings.

A very sharp combination!

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