Volvo FM 460 - Van 't Hek

Van 't Hek from Beemster (NL) has a big fleet with trucks to transport their own machines. This sharp Volvo FM 460 that was parked on their yard during my visit to them.

It is an 8x4 truck with year of manufacture 2004. In the meantime the truck is not in use anymore for Van 't Hek.

It is a Volvo FM from the second generation that is powered by a 12.1 liter 6 cylinder Volvo D12D with 460 hp.

Between the second and third axle is the diesel tank made. The cabin is lowered for the overpassing loadings, for additional protection is a safety bar made behind the cabin.

The gooseneck of the Nooteboom low loader is nearly higher as then cabin of the Volvo. Between the second and third axle are on this side a large storage compartment, the batery and some compressed-air tanks made.

Attached is a 3 axle Nooteboom low loader, the load is a machine for sheet wall piling of Van Halteren, a company Van 't Hek recently took over.

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