Volvo FH 500 - John Toneman

John Toneman was driving for Blansjaar with this nice Volvo FH 500 with 4 axle semi low loader.

It is a 6x4 truck with 500 hp. FH means Forward control High cab and 3 is the serie.

The truck has a 6.93 meter length and a 4.57 meter wheelbase.

The truck has a maximum pay load of 28 tonnes, this has to be reduced by 10 tonnes (mass of the truck itself), still 18 tonnes are loadable on the 5th wheel.

On the trailer is laying 40 tonnes of counterweight of the Grove GMK6400. The counterweight is lay down in steel frames, so it is not necessary to fix it every time. Above the counterweight is normally spoken a jib-part of the crane's boom guying loaded.

Meanwhile this trucks isn't driven anymore by John Toneman and the truck has been sold.

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