Volvo FH16 660 - Tiroltrans

A very sharp Volvo FH16 660 of Tiroltrans from Bolzano (IT) stood parked with a 7 axle low loader at the border near to Venlo (NL).

It is a 3 axle heavy haulage truck with 6x4 drive line, the last two axles are driven. The truck is powered by the famous Volvo D16 diesel engine with 660 hp.

Behind the front axle are the battery, two airbarrels and a storage compartment made. Behind the cab is the large diesel tank mounted.

Attached is a 7 axle Goldhofer low loader in 2 bed 5 configuration.

The load is a large piece for a gas plant in England. It was manufactured by Villa & Bonaldi from Ricengo (IT) and weights 58 tonnes.

On this side are behind the first axle the muffler, AdBlue tank and another storage compartment made.

A very sharp combination!

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