Volvo FH16 600 - TAG Transport

This sharp Volvo FH16 600 of TAG Transport from Opolskie (PL) stood together with the Volvo FH16 650 and MAN TGX 41.540, also of TAG, parked along the highway.

It is a 4-axle truck with 8x4-drive line. The truck is powered by a Volvo D16C600, a 16.1-liter 6-cylinder line engine with a power of 441 kW (600 hp).

Behind the front axle are the muffler and AdBlue tank installed.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, three large storage compartments and multiple compressed-air tanks installed.

Attached is a 4-axle Goldhofer SPZ trailer that is three times extendable. The cargo is a Vestas LDST (Large Diameter Steel Tower) section, by divding the tower into three pieces is the transport over the road easier. Three assembled segments will give a tower section with a 6.5 meter diameter and a 33 meter length. The transport is approx. 3.3 meters wide and less then 4 meters high.

A very sharp combination!

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