Volvo FH 480 - Pultrum

Pultrum aus Rijssen (NL) transported with this sharp Volvo FH 480 with 3 axle Nooteboom MCO-MEGA trailer the first load with steel girders for a new hall in Agriport (NL).

The girders do have a length of about 30 meters, especially the last meters in front of the construction site requires proper steermanship.

The truck is this 3 axle Volvo FH 480 with 6x2 drive. The truck has year of manufacture 2008.

The MCO-MEGA trailer of Nooteboom has three steered axles and is double extendable to a maximum loading floor length of 29 meters.

The loading floor has a 98 cm height and has a very thin gooseneck.

The Volvo is powered by a Volvo D13D, a 12.8 liter diesel engine that supplies here 480 hp.

The truck has a not-driven rear axle, that is also liftable. The truck has a mass of around 8.8 tonnes and has a max. allowable weight of 27 tonnes.

A very sharp combination!

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