Volvo FH 500 - P&K

P&K from Rijssen (NL) is operating multiple Volvo FH trucks, like this sharp FH 500 that was used here with a 3-axle semi low loader.

It is a truck with 6x2-drive line that is powered by a Volvo D13C, a 12.6-liter diesel engine with a power of 375 kW (500 hp). Only the rear axle is powered.

Behind the front axle are on this side the muffler, the AdBlue tank and a storage compartment made.

Attached is a 3-axle Broshuis 3ABSD-48 semi low loader with HIAB 322 EP-4 DUO lorry cranes. With help of the lorry crane, that is movable over the bed of the trailer, is it possible to load and unload the trailer.

This combination can be used to transport cargos up to 35 tonnes.

Next to the first combination stood another FH 500 with a semi low loader.

This truck has also a 6x2-drive line, but here is the middle axle driven. In combination with a steerable and liftable rear axle, has this truck a much smaller turning circle. Here are also the two (black) sensors on the grille visible, because this truck can be controlled by remote control also. This is mostly used when the truck is used to lay out steel plates for a temporary reinforced path on construction sites. Behind the front axle is the diesel tank installed.

Here is a 3-axle Nooteboom MCOS-48-03V attached. This trailer is 6.4 meters extendable and can be loaded with 32 tonnes.

A very sharp couple of P&K!

A third Volvo FH 500 was used with a 4-axle Nooteboom semi low loader. This truck has also the sensors for remote control driving attached to the grille.

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