Volvo FH 500 - Negele

This sharp Volvo FH 500 with 8x2 drive line and Palfinger PK 78002 SH E is operated by the company Negele from Triesen (LI).

It is an 8x2 truck with an optional hydraulically driven front axle. This system is mentioned Volvo X-Track. The system is turned off by speeds over 20 km/h.

Behind the cabin is the large Palfinger PK 78002 SH E lorry crane mounted, this crane has a maximum capacity of 21.5 tonnes and lifts on max. radius (15.8 m) still 3,950 kg. When the optional fly-jib is used the radius can be extended to 30.5 meters and it is possible to still lift 830 kg.

For extra stability is a single hydraulic jack attached to the front bumper.

The truck has a steerable rear axle and is very maneuverable, very usefull in the mountains of Liechtenstein. The loading platform was supplied by Walser.

A very sharp truck.

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