Volvo FH 460 - Mayer

Mayer from Burgberg (DE) is owning this Volvo FH 460 with Palfinger PK 53002.SH lorry crane.

It is a 6x4-truck that is mainly equipped with a box. Behind the front axle are the air barres, battery and storage compartment made.

Behind the cabin is the Palfinger PK 53002.SH lorry crane with winch installed. The lorry crane has a maximum capacity of 14.7 tonnes and lifts on the maximum radius of 20.8 meters still 1,580 kg.

The truck is powered by a 12.8 liter Volvo D13c engine with 460 hp.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue- and dieseltank installed. The vehicle has a 7.5 meter length.

A sharp and useful vehicle!

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