Volvo FH 520 - Max Wild

A sharp Volvo FH 520 of Max Wild from Berkheim (DE) stood with an oversized load parked in Biberach (DE) waiting for the night transport.

It is a 3 axle truck with 6x4 drive line that is powered by a Volvo D13A, a 6 cylinder 12.8 liter diesel engine that supplies here 520 hp. Behind the front axle are the exhaust, battery, compressed-air tanks and the diesel tank made.

On the other side are the muffler, AdBlue- and diesel tank made.

Attached is a 2 axle Goldhofer low loader.

The load is the roof of an historical building that was refurbished.

The lower part of the historical building was transported by another Volvo FH 520 of Max Wild.

Both trucks are almost identical.

This combination was on the move with a 3 axle semi low loader.

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