Volvo FH16 750 - Max Wild

At the end of March 2018 this new combination, existing out of a 3 axle Volvo FH16 750 and a 7 axle Scheuerle-Nicolas low loader, was delivered to Max Wild from Berkheim (DE). During the easter holidays the combination was presented in front of Max Wild's yard.

The truck is this Volvo FH16 750 with 6x4 drive line that is powered by the strongest exectution of the D16K engine. The engine supplies 750 hp and has a max. torque of 3,550 Nm.

Behind the front axle are the Euro 6 muffler, AdBlue tank and a small diesel tank made.

Also new is the 7 axle Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact low loader in 2 bed 5 configuration.

The low loader is able to load 77 tonnes in 2 bed 5 configuration. The low loader is 2.75 meter wide.

On the driver's side is behind the front axle the large diesel tank made. Behind the cabin is only the exhaust made.

This combination will mainly be used to transport large construction machinery.

A very sharp expansion to Max Wild's fleet! We wish many safe kilometers.

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