Volvo FH16 700 - Max Wild

This sharp Volvo FH16 700 of Max Wild from Berkheim (DE) stood in the weekend parked in front of their yard. Max Wild is owning two of these trucks.

The truck is powered by a 16.6 liter 6 cylinder engine with 515 kW (700 hp) with a torque of 3,150 Nm.

Behind the cab is a nice equipement tower built. Below the large diesel tank, in the middle are two large storage compartments with between them a hydraulic oil tank made. On top are five airbarrels made. For the best view at the rear are three big lights and a camara installed. Between the first two axles are the Adblue tank and another airbarrel made.

Between the fenders of the tridem are some smaller storage compartments made.

The bumper is reinforced to push transports. Because the truck doesn't have couplings for a ballast box I think this won't be used often. In the two holes are beacons made.

These trucks are mainly used with large lowloaders. A very beautiful truck in the fresh Max Wild colors!

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