Volvo FH16 580 - Max Wild

Max Wild from Berkheim (DE) owned this special Volvo FH16 580 as 5 axle truck. The truck has year of manufacture 2008 and left Wild's fleet around the end of 2015. Today the truck is working in Romania.

The truck has a 10x4 drive line and the axles 3 and 4 are driven. Behind the first axle is the AdBlue tank made.

A Volvo D16E, a 16.1 liter engine with 580 hp, powers the driven axles.

The last axle is a not-driven, steerable pusher axle.

Behind the cabin are a large diesel tank, storage compartments, the hydraulic oil tank and some airbarrels made. Between the axles 2 and 3 are another airbarrel and the battery made.

A very beautiful truck, in Germany are 5 axle trucks very rare.

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