Volvo FH16 650 - Max Bögl

A sharp Volvo FH16 650 of Max Bögl from Neumarkt (DE) was with a 4-axle semi low loader used to transport a body of a Liebherr crawler crane from the factory in Nenzing (AT) to a port in Northern-Germany. The combination stood parked here along the highway A7 near Illertissen (DE).

The truck is powered by a Volvo D16K650, a 16-liter diesel engine with 650 hp and a torque of 3,150 Nm. This truck has a 8x4-drive line with both rear axles powered.

Between the mudguards of the rear axles are smaller storage compartments made.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, storage compartments and compressed-air tanks installed. Behind the front axle are the AdBlue tank, one compressed-air tank and a small storage compartment installed.

Attached is a 4-axle Doll semi low loader.

The cargo is a body of a Liebherr LR 1160 for Qube from Australia. The cargo is 10.6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3.15 meters high. The transport mass is around 38.5 tonnes.

A sharp combination!

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