Volvo FH16 660 - Give Sværgods

This imposing Volvo FH16 660 of Give Sværgods from Give (DK) stood parked along the german highway 9 below Berlin (DE) and would continue the trip later that night under police escort.

The truck is powered by a 16-liter Volvo D16 diesel engine with 660 hp. The truck has a coupling attached to the bumper htat can be used to manouvre the own trailers for loading and unloading without use of a crane.

Attached is a very impressive 10-axle Nooteboom Mega Windmill Transporter.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower with the diesel tank and multiple storage compartments installed.

The rear part of the Nooteboom Mega Windmill Transporter exists out of a 7-axle Nooteboom NLD dolly with hydraulic steerable axles.

The lift-adapter is rotatable installed on the dolly. With the large cilinder is the cargo (maximum 1.5 meter) in height adjustable, to that obstacles in curves could be avoided.

The Mega Windmill Transporter can be used with tower sections from many manufacturers, here is a tower secion produced by Max Bögl transported. The MWT can be used for cargos up to a mass of 100 tonnes.

The front lift-adapter is installed on a 3-axle Nooteboom jeepdolly. Also this adapter is rotatble against the jeep dolly. Optionally was it also possible to use a 4-axle jeep dolly.

A very sharp combination!

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