Volvo VNL 670 - F.S.B.

F.S.B. from Heerhugowaard (NL) is using this special Volvo VNL 670 with their mobile shop to visit truck shows, the combination stood parked here in Medemblik (NL) after the Truckshow West-Friesland.

The VNL series is produced for the American market. The VNL serie exists out of 6 different models, the number doesn't refer to the power of the engine, but to the length of the cabine. The VNL 670 hat a 61" (about 155 cm) long sleeper cab with a heigh roof.

The year of manufacture is 2005, in 2009 the truck was imported to the Netherlands. The truck is about 8 meters long and weight 8.7 tonnes.

Both rear axles are driven. Four different engines cab be choosen, two Volvo and two Cummins engines. This truck is powered by a Cummins ISX15, a 15 liter 6 cylinder engine with 450 hp.

Pulled is a 2 axle trailer, that is a mobile shop to sell truck accessoires on truck shows.

Some days later I found the truck on the yard of F.S.B.

A very special truck on the Dutch roads!

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