Volvo FH16 660 - Fluckinger

The Fluckinger company from Volders (AT) is using this special combination, existing out of a Volvo FH16 660 truck and a 4 axle Meusburger lowloader, for loads up to 53 tonnes.

The truck is a 4 axle Volvo FH16 660 with Euro 4 engine. The 16 liter engine has a 3,150 Nm torque moment. It is a 180 tonne truck.

Behind the cab is a quit easy set-up made, existing out of a large diesel tank from Meiller and on top three storage boxes.

Remarkable is ofcourse the 1 axle jeepdolly between the truck and lowloader. Now the axle loads are better spreaded, making it possible to put more load on the lowloader.

Special is the 4 axle lowloader with covers. The covers are in height and breadth adjustable, making is possible to load parts with extra height and breadth below the cover. The advantage of a closed trailer is the possibility to transport loads independent of the weather, like machines.

Optionally a 5th axle can be mounted at the rear of the trailer, making is a 5 axle trailer. The max. load of 53 tonnes can be loaded then.

It is the biggest combination of the Fluckinger company, who is having a yard in Austria and in Sweden.

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