Volvo FH 520 - Bolk

This nice Volvo FH 520 of Bolk from Almelo (NL) was parked along the German Autobahn. The truck was part of a convoi with destination France.

The load is the lower part of a windturbine tower. These transports are allowed to drive in Germany after 19:00.

The truck is a sharp Volvo FH3 with 520 hp and has year of manufacture 2009.

Behind the cab is a nice tower made out of aluminium. In the lower part is a big fuel tank made, above three big storage boxes.

The front-part of the trailer is a 3-axle jeepdolly. The windmill adaptor is direcly connected to it.

In thr rear-part are 5-axle lines used where an adaptor is made on. The advatage of this system is the possibility to unload the load without a crane.

On the gooseneck of the dolly are some extra storage boxes made.

A very sharp combination of Bolk!

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