Volvo FH16 600 - Trans Annaberg

This sharp Volvo FH16 600 of Trans Annaberg from Wiesiollek (PL) stood together with some colleagues parked along the german Autobahn.

The fleet of Trans Annaberg exists mainly out of Volvo trucks, supported by some MAN and Scania trucks. This 4 axle truck has 600 hp and is from the third FH16 generation, recognizable on the chrome line above the grille.

The trucks has a 1 + 3 axle alignment. The second axle is lift- and steerable.

Behind the cab is a large dieseltank made, below the tank are some airbarrels mounted. Between the axles is the muffler mounted.

The trailer is a Nooteboom Tele-PX Super Wing Carrier. The trailer is 60 meter extendable and can be used for the transport of roter blades up to 65 meters. Retracked is the trailer only 18.7 meters long. On the construction on the bed is the blade loaded. By obstacles it is possible to shorten the trailer's wheelbase because the bed and construction can slide relatively from eachother.

Lower obstacles can be defeat with the in-height adjustable gooseneck, that can be adjusted 82 centimeters, the fifth wheel stays then horizontal. The pendel axes are 60 centimeters adjustable. A ground clearance of 1.5 meters can than be reached!

Three of these combinations stood parked there!

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