Volvo FH16 750 - ADM Team Heavy Weight

A sharp Volvo FH16 750 of ADM Team Heavy Weight from Geel (BE) went to Liebherr in Kirchdorf a/d Iller (DE) to collect a new material handler. Now ADM is part of the Aertssen Group.

ADM owned multiple almost identical Volvo FH16 750 in 5-axle configuration. These trucks were by Popp from Nürnberg (DE) modified to 10x4-trucks and installed the equipment tower behind the cabin. These trucks were registered to the german branch of ADM.

Behind the front axle is the large Euro 6 muffler installed.

The truck is powered by a Volvo D16K diesel engine with 750 hp and a torque of 3,550 Nm.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, storage compartments and compressed-air tanks installed. The AdBlue tank is positioned behind the front axle.

The fifth axle is steerable and liftable. Because it's possibility to steer is the turning circle reduced to a minimum.

Attached is a composed low loader with components of the Faymonville CombiMax system.

Here composed to a 2-bed-4 configuration.

The cargo is a Liebherr KH 60 Timber with destination Brasil. The material handler is 11.1 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 4.4 meters high. The transport mass is 44.8 tonnes.

A very sharp combination! In the meantime are most of the ex-ADM trucks repainted into the yellow, white and black colours of Aertssen.

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