Tatra was founded in 1850 by Ignaz Schustala. At that time it was a trailer company and mainly building carriages. After Schustala died in 1891 the company was renamed to Nesseldorfer Wagenbau Fabriks Gesellschaft. Around 1900 mainly cars are built. Around 1920 is the name changed to Tatra, refering to the region where the company is situated. The first truck is introduced in 1926, the Tatra 24. In the best years Tatra builts around 16,000 trucks. After the Soviet-Union falls appart the company is getting in trouble. By the rival from european manufacturers are the sales going down quickly. In 1998 is the production of cars stopped. In 1999 the company was bought by the czech gouvernment to prefent the company got bankrupt. The production of trucks continues. In 2003 the company was overtaken by Terex and sold back again in 2006. In 2014 DAF and Tatra are making an agreement to use DAF cabins and engines on Tatra trucks. DAF is for 19% owner of Tatra, who is now building around 900 trucks a year.
Website: www.tatratrucks.com

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