Scania R 580 - Winder Limmen

As the replacment for the Scania R 560 with 6 axle low loader bought Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL) this sharp Scania R 580 with new 6 axle Broshuis low loader.

It is a truck with 6x4 drive line. The truck is powered by a 16.4 liter Scania DC16 102 V8 diesel engine with 581 hp. The truck is since October 2015 in operation for Winder.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue tank and a diesel tank made.

Behind the cabin are some storage compartments made.

The massive 4 axle Broshuis low loader with 2 axle jeepdolly is since January 2016 in use.

The low loader was used here with the breadth bed, for the transport of large construction machines the side extensions can be removed.

Here is a 10.4 meter long and 60 tonne heavy beam loaded, together with the Scania 124 G 420 are these elements transported to Velsen (NL). Loaded are the beams by Winder' Terex AC 200-1 TP.

The low loader is 3.5 meters extendable.

On this side are behind the front axle the battery and the large diesel tank made.

A very sharp combination!

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