Scania R 480 - Winder Limmen

Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL) was using this sharp Scania R 480 with a 3-axle semi low loader to collect a water pump in Driehuizen (NL).

It is a 4-axle truck with 8x2-drive line. The truck is powered by a Scania DC12, an 11.7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 353 kW (480 hp). The truck's year of manufacture is 2008.

Behind the front axle is the battery installed, behind the second and third axle are multiple storage compartments made.

For the heavy lorry crane are in total six outriggers installed, two extendable outriggers next to the crane with a 9 meter breadth, two extendable outriggers at the rear of the chassis with an 8 meter breadth and two stationairy outriggers at the rear of the chassis for stability backwards.

On this side is behind the front axle the muffler installed and behind the second axle the diesel tank and behind the third axle a storage compartment.

Attached is a Broshuis 3ABSD-48, a 3-axle semi low loader from year of manufacture 2009. The trailer has a loading capacity of 38 tonnes and is 5.5 meter extendable.

Behind the cabin is a heavy HIAB 1055E-8 lorry crane installed. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 12.1 tonnes to 6.5 meter radius and can lift 3.1 tonnes on a 21.6 meter radius.

Here is the sharp combination loaded with a 10 tonne water pump.

A very sharp combination of Winder!

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