Scania G 450 - Winder Limmen

Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL) is since June 2014 using this sharp Scania G 450 with Palfinger PK 92002-SH.

It is a 8x2 truck with a driven third axle and a steerable rear axle. The truck is powered by a Scania DC13 I6 diesel engine with 450 hp.

The truck has a 8.3 meter length. Between the second and third axle is the large diesel tank made. In the compartment above is the AdBlue tank integrated.

For the stability has the crane four large outriggers, two directly next to the crane and two at the rear of the chassis.

The Palfinger PK 92002-SH is a 85.5 mt lorry crane with a maximum capacity of 27.8 tonnes and a 13.3 meter boom length, the crane can lift 5.7 tonnes at max. radius.

The Scania is used here with a 3 axle Floor semi low loader. Optionally a small box can be installed on top of the chassis.

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