Scania 124 G 420 - Winder Limmen

Winder was using this sharp Scania 124 G 420 combined with a Broshuis 85SL/1 low loader to transport a heavy beam.

It is a Scania from the 4-series that is powered by a 12 liter diesel engine that supplies here 420 hp.

It is a 6x2 truck with a second driven axle, the last axle is liftable. Behind the front axle are the battery, the exhaust and a storage box made.

Behind the cabin is the large diesel tank made.

The 6 axle Broshuis 8SL/1 semi low loader is also 8 meters extendable.

Here a large concrete beam with a 10.4 meter length, 1.5 meters wide and high with a 60 tonne mass was transported here.

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