Scania R 580 - Universal Transport

Universal Transport from Paderborn (DE) is owning a big fleet of trucks and this sharp Scania R 580 is part of it. Together with another R 580 stood the combination parked with an oversized beam along the highway A61 during a weekend.

The 4 axle trucks is powered by a 16.4 liter V8 diesel engine with 580 hp.

Between the first two axles is on this side the muffler mounted. On the other side are here the battery and the AdBlue tank made.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower made, with at the bottom two large diesel tanks. Above are two large storage compartments made and put on top are six airbarrels.

Attached is a 3 axle trailer where the first part of the load is supported.

The other side was loaded on a 5 axle dolly. The trailer and dolly are connected by a steel cable, so the length is fixed and the concrete beams are not stressed by pulling forces.

The dolly has steerable axles. This combination can be used to transport loads up to 85 tonnes. The trailer and the dolly are products from Doll.

During the empty return ride is the dolly attached to the 3 axle trailer.

A very sharp combination!

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