Scania R 730 - Trinks Baumaschinen

This sharp Scania R 730 of Trinks Baumaschinen from Frießnitz (DE) stood with an oversized cargo parked along the Autobahn 9 somewhere in Germany. Trinks is operating multiple heavy combinations and is using Scania and Volvo trucks.

The combination exists out of a 4-axle Scania R 730 with a 3-bed-5 Goldhofer STZ-VP low loader.

The truck is this sharp Scania R 730 with 8x4-drive line. The truck is powered by the strongest engine ever by Scania, the DC16, a 16.4-liter V8 diesel engine with 730 hp and a torque of 3,500 Nm.

Behind the front axle is the large Euro 6 muffler installed.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, the hydraulic oil tank, storage compartments and multiple compressed-air tanks installed.

On the interdolly are multiple extensions for the bed and some woods loaded.

The cargo is a base machine of a new Bauer BC heavy duty cycle crane. The cargo is 8 meters long, 3.98 meters wide and 3.59 meters high. The transport mass is around 75 tonnes.

On the driver's side are behind the front axle the AdBlue tank and another two compressed-air tanks installed. A very sharp combination by Trinks!

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