Scania R 500 - Strychacz

This Scania R 500 of Strychacz from Jemielnica (PL) stood parked during a weekend along the highway A96 near Aichstetten (DE).

It is a 3 axle truck with a 6x2 drive line, only the last axle is driven. The two front axles are steerable.

Behind the front axle is the diesel tank made.

The truck is powered by a 15.6 liter Scania DC16 engine with 500 hp, it is the engine with the lowest power with the famous Scania V8 engine. The truck has a maximum mass of 26.5 tonnes and has a selfweight of 9.1 tonnes.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, the AdBlue tank and the hydraulic oil tank made.

Attached is a 2 axle low loader.

The load is a pasteur machine for a manufacturer of fruit juices. The load is 5.6 meters long, 2.35 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. The total weight of the load is 3.8 tonnes.

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