Scania G 450

This anonymous Scania G 450 with german dealer licence plates would directly after the Bauma 2019 bring back this concrete mixer Liebherr HTM 1205 with LTB 12+4 GL to the factory.

It is a 6x4 truck that is powered by a 13 liter Euro 6 engine with 450 hp / 2,350 Nm.

Behind the cabin are the hydraulic oil tank with cooler for the trailer installed.

Behind the front axle are the muffler and the AdBlue tank installed. On the other side are here the battery and the dieseltank installed.

The Liebherr HTM 1205 concrete mixer has a maximum water volume of 13.3 cubic meter and can spread the concrete with the Liebherr LTB 12+4 GL conveyor-belt up to a radius of 15.2 meter radius.

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