Scania R 490 - Rensink

Rensink from Almelo (NL) is operating this sharp Scania R 490 with 90 mt lorry crane for all kinds of transport- and crane jobs. The truck's year of manufacture is 2017.

It is a 8x2-truck that is powered by a Scania DC13, a 12.7-litre 6-cylinder line engine with 490 hp. Between the axles are many storage compartments made.

Behind the cabin is the HIAB X-HiPro 1058E-8 lorry crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 22 tonnes on a 3 meter radius and 3.45 tonnes on a 19.4 meter radius. The crane is fitted with a hoist winch.

For stability are in total five outriggers installed around the chassis, directly next to the crane two width a breadth of total 9 meters, two outriggers at the back of the chassis and a single jack in front of the cabin to give a full load chart 360 degrees.

On the other side of the vehicle are even more storage compartments between the axles made. The dieseltank is installed behind the second axle.

The fifth jack in front of the cab is nicely covered.

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