Scania R 500 - Martin Schaller

Martin Schaller from Hondrich (CH) is using this sharp Scania R 500 with 2 axle trailer mainly for the transport of trunks.

It is a 3 axle truck with 6x4 drive line that is powered by a 15.6 liter Scania DC16 engine with 500 hp.

Behind the cabin is an Epsilon E 250 Z lorry crane with Hultdins SuperGrip 2 grab mounted. So the truck could load and unload the trunks itself. Next to the jib of the lorry crane are the diesel tank and muffler mounted.

The trailer could off course also used for other long loads, like here flat-grained timbers. Also tower crane parts are transported with this combination.

Attached is a 2 axle trailer made by Andres Fahrzeugbau from Lyss (CH). Notable is that it could by used as a trailer and as a dolly.

In the meantime, Martin Schaller also set a new Scania R 730 into work.

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