Scania R 410 - Koster Eurotransport

This sharp Scania R 410 with 1-axle low loader belongs to Koster Eurotransport from Wolvega (NL) and stood parked at the border near Venlo (NL).

The truck has a 6x2 drive line with a steerable rear axle. The truck is poweres by a 12.7 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with 410 hp. Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue tank, diesel tank and a storage rack for the outrigger pads made.

On this side are a large storage compartment and a smaller diesel tank installed.

Behind the cabin is a Fassi F485 lorry crane installed with a moment of 48 mt and a maximum lifting capacity of 13.5 tonnes.

Attached is a 1-axle Broshuis 1 ADU-28 low loader with a payload of 19 tonnes. The bed is 6.25 meters extendable. Because of the breadth of the loading is this transport only allowed to drive at night in Germany.

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