Scania 144 G 530 - Konijn Bouwmachines

Konijn Bouwmachines from Uitgeest (NL) is owning this sharp Scania 144 G 530 as bonneted truck.

It is a 6x4 truck that is powered by a 14 liter V8 Scania engine with 530 hp.

Behind the cabine are the two large exhaust pipes, behind the front axle is a large storage compartment made.

Pulled is a 3 axle Nooteboom Euro low loader, the low loader has a pay load of 36 tonnes.

The year of manufacture of the combination is 1998, the Scania is also used as a show truck. In the meantime Konijn Bouwmachines is also owning a sharp MAN TGX 41.540.

The cargo here are some add-on parts for an excavator and was collected at the job site.

A very special appearance in the heavy haulage sector.

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