Scania R 420 - Huter

The heaviest truck of Huter from Vils (AT) is this sharp Scania R 420, here combined with a 3 axle semi low loader on the move. Huter is using this truck also with a tipper.

It is a 3 axle truck with 6x4 axle formula. The truck is powered by a 6 cylinder in-line motor with 12.7 liter strok and 420 hp.

This combination can be used for transports up to 56 tonnes.

Between the first two axles are the muffler, AdBlue- and diesel tank made.

On this side are a storage compartment and the hydraulic oil tank made. Between the mudguards are on both sides air barrels made.

Attached is a 3 axle Schwarzmüller semi low loader with ramps. In the background the Shell gas station that is also operated by Huter.

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