Scania P 420 - Holtrop & Van der Vlist

A sharp Scania P 420 of Holtrop & Van der Vlist from Assen (NL) stood with trailer and cargo parked along the highway A1 near Holten (NL).

It is a 5-axle truck with 10x4 drive line with the two rear axles driven. The cabin is moved forwards and lowered to make space for overpassing cargos.

The truck is powered by a 12.7 liter Scania 6-cylinder engine with 420 hp.

Because below the cabin no space left for the radiator it was installed behind the cabin, together with the large diesel tank and the spare wheel.

Holtrop & Van der Vlist has (had) multiple 5 and 6-axle Scania trucks in the fleet.

Attached is a Nooteboom Euro-83-04, a 4-axle low loader with pendel axles and a maximum pay load of 62 tonnes.

Because the cargo will be bring to Germany the cargo cannot be loaded over the cabin.

The cargo is a Woltman THW 4017-DS drilling rig of Jacbo with a mass of 52 tonnes.

A sharp combination!

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