Scania R 730 - Gruber Logistics

This sharp Scania R 730 of Gruber Logistics from Ora (IT) stood near the yard of Liebherr in Kirchdorf an der Iller (DE) parked with a load. Later that evening the transport would drive to Italy.

The truck is this sharp Scania R 730 with 8x4-drive line. The truck is powered by the most powerfull engine by Scania, the Scania DC16, a 16.4 liter V8 diesel engine with 730 hp and 3.500 Nm.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, storage compartments and the battery installed. Behind the front axle is the large Euro 6 muffler installed.

Attached is an 8-axle Faymonville low loader in 3-bed-5 configuration.

On the driver side are the AdBlue tank and two compressed-air tanks behind the front axle installed.

The cargo is a Liebherr LH 40 material handler. The KH 40 is 12.65 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3.4 meters high. The mass is about 38.5 tonnes.

A very sharp combination in the Gruber colours!

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